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Centifeed is an indie action game in-development for the PC, with future anticipated ports to the Android and iOS mobile devices.  It is written 100% in Lua, utilizing the LÖVE framework.  The game libraries, engine, and art are all developed by Ghost Lord Games.  Click here for the Centifeed presskit


  • Conquer the bug realms as an upgradeable Centifeeder, with varying stats like damage, resistance, speed, and more
  • Collect orbs and components from defeated enemies and purchase new body parts
  • Swap head, body, legs, and tail  for total mixed and match gameplay
  • Travel to 8 differently themed stages with varied challenges and bosses, ranging from forests to the dunes of the great desert
  • Enemy bugs have special attacks and can become zombies, presenting new challenges in later stages
  • Full controller support
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Centifeed Alpha v0.54b - Forest Stage

Forest Stage – Alpha Version Content Subject to change

Centifeed Alpha v0.54b - Desert Stage

Desert Stage – Alpha Version Content Subject to change

Build Menu

Cycle through and unlock collected parts to prepare for the next stage